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Development of InTouchTM Centers

Trysail is developing InTouchTM computer centers designed for use by seniors with little or no training in new technologies.

Through careful selection of hardware and software, custom configuration, installation, testing, training and support, Trysail will enable seniors to use the technology that best serves their needs. InTouchTM Centers will enable users to exchange e-mail with grandchildren, surf the World Wide Web, write letters, manage personal finances, build family trees and perform a variety of other tasks.

Trysail's development partners include Microsoft, Bröderbund, Intuit and Storm Technology.

The first InTouchTM Centers are scheduled for deployment in residential retirement facilities in 1998.

Trysail Personal Technology
Rating SystemTM

Trysail developed a system to compare and rate personal technology using criteria most important to nontechnical users, i.e., whether the products perform as intended and promoted to consumers.

Key tests of this standard in the software arena are the products' ease of use, reliability and the availability of help and technical support.

Hardware tests measure additional technical points that have a direct bearing on the consumer experience. For example, if memory is insufficient to run the operating system properly, if the power supply is too small to support the addition of accessories or if there isn't adequate space for expansion, the product will receive a lower rating because these deficiencies limit the consumer's ability to use the machine. Traditional "feeds and speeds" benchmark tests, however, are not used in determining the Trysail rating.

In all cases, products are rated using a comparative index to enable consumers to readily identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing products.

Computer Training

Trysail is developing innovative methods of training people to use computers. By configuring machines to be more responsive to individual needs and interests and by stripping away the technical lexicon many novices find daunting, the company intends to open the world of personal computing to vast numbers of people who may think they are too old or too technically inept to use computers.

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