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Trysail, which takes its name from the small sail used to keep a vessel on course in rough weather, grew out of its founder's conviction that hardware and software frequently are too difficult for consumers to learn or so technically flawed that users become discouraged and fail to reap the rewards of technological progress.

Various studies show roughly a third of U.S. households now have personal computers, but putting computers into the second third of American homes will be more challenging and will depend on manufacturers' ability to sell to a less technically adept, less affluent and less educated market.

Both at home and in the workplace, there is a pervasive disconnect between developers, who invest tremendous time, energy and money in bringing their creative ideas to market, and users, who are confused and frustrated by the tools that are supposed to make their lives easier. Trysail seeks to bridge that gap by helping developers better understand the needs and attitudes of nontechnical users and better communicate the capabilities of their products.

Trysail's talents are being solicited by companies that want to reduce return rates, lower technical support costs and increase user satisfaction with their products.

Michael Putzel, the company's founder and CEO, is a specialist in what works and what doesn't in software, hardware and communications. While Trysail itself is young, the company offers years of experience in the disciplines needed to improve public acceptance of technology and develop compelling, informative ways to communicate using the Internet's World Wide Web.

The company is committed to the view that the Internet will change the way most people exchange information and learn about the world around them, and it seeks to speed that process by helping companies and organizations develop effective and successful Web sites and services.

The company's extensive experience with news and news organizations enables it to help newspapers and broadcast organizations extend their reach into cyberspace and hone their skills for the new electronic media.


 Our Name  Opportunities  The CEO