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About This Site

Trysail's Web site was designed to be accessible to anyone reaching the World Wide Web. Because Web standards have crumbled in the face of heated competition by the leading browser developers, we can't be sure that you are seeing what we intended. The long-range result of the competition will be a more exciting, more interactive Web environment. However, for the present, we have attempted to build a site that is intelligible and effective, even for those who may not be using the latest version of a browser or the newest, hottest "plug-in" accessories.

To accomplish that goal was a considerable challenge. There are many different brands of browsers and countless ways to configure them. Millions of visitors to the Web may not know what software they are using to reach this site, who set it up in its present configuration or how to change it.

We have attempted, therefore, to build an attractive site that employs some new tools to improve the design, while trying to make sure that anyone who finds us will be able to understand what we are doing, even if the pictures don't line up exactly or if you don't see precisely what we do. The pages are designed to appear on your screen quickly, even if you are dialing into the Internet using a relatively slow modem.

We welcome your comments and would appreciate your pointing out to us any anomalies we may have missed.

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